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Spurgeon Vineyards & Winery

Spurgeon Vineyards

Award winning wines from estate-grown grapes are a part of the wine experience that waits for you at Spurgeon Vineyards and Winery in Highland, WI, just 25 miles from Platteville. Wines from Wisconsin cherries, cranberries, and honey round out our line of wines. This is your invitation to sample these fine wines, tour the wine cellars, spend some time relaxing on our deck, or hike up to the hilltops for a view of the vines.The scenic hills of southwest Wisconsin are a good home to our 16 acres of grape vines. Their location on the hill tops maximizes the sun exposure necessary to develop high quality grapes. It also allows the frost to drain away at critical times in spring and fall. These grapes are a firm foundation for our family owned and operated winery.Backed by over two decades of commercial winemaking, we have developed a wide line of wines to suit a variety of palates. Dry red and white grape wines begin our line, which then moves on to a semi-sweet red, white and blush. Rounding out the line are our sweet grape wines, fruit wines, and mead (honey wine), all for your enjoyment.If an inside look is to your liking, we offer tours from April through October. Our tours discuss grape growing and care plus the in-depth steps to wine production. We explain not only what our state-of-the-art equipment does, but also how it works. Tours are offered at noon or by appointment. For the more adventuresome, you are welcome to take a self-guided hike to the top of the hills to see the vines. It is an invigorating 20 minutes to the top, but only 10 minutes back! A summation of wine experience is an invitation to enjoy our spacious covered deck. Tables and chairs allow you to enjoy a glass of wine and maybe a snack of cheese and crackers, all of which is available for purchase in our gift shop. Of course, the peace and quiet and beautiful scenery are free for your enjoyment.


For more information, call Spurgeon Vineyards & Winery at (608) 929-7692 or toll free at 1-800-236-5555.

Sinnipee Valley Winery

Ssinnipee Valley VineyardSinnipee Valley Winery, located in Kieler, just 20 minutes from Platteville, is found among the scenic Mississippi River Bluffs in extreme southwest Wisconsin. The vineyard was established in 2003 and has grown to over 3500 vines covering 7 acres today. Varieties here include Dechaunac, Frontenac, St. Croix, Concord, St. Pepin, and LaCrosse to produce wines distinctive to Wisconsin.Join the Sinnipee Valley Winery for wine tasting and history of the ghost town of Sinnipee. This year they’ve added fine cheeses, mustards, and other treats to compliment the wine. Stop by for a wine tasting – the outside seating area will be open when weather permits. Call with questions at (608) 568-3212.

American Breweriana Association


The ABA is a non-profit organization with 2,800 members worldwide that operates and funds the National Brewery Museum™ & Library.The ABA was organized in 1980 with the goal of establishing a non-commercial museum of brewery history for its members.The mission of the National Brewery Museum™ & Library is to inform the public on the history and heritage of the local breweries that most communities had and supported. These local brewers helped create the middle class life style we enjoy today. Local brewers were committed to the economic development of their communities just as the Potosi Brewery and ABA are today.To check out the latest information on the National Brewery Museum™ & Library, see The American Breweriana Journal, a 48 page bi-monthly history magazine that features in-depth brewery history articles, artifacts auction report, and the breweriana hobby. For membership information, visit the ABA webite at

Potosi Brewing Company

Potosi Brewing CompanyPotosi, Wisconsin is home to the Potosi Brewing Company and the National Brewery Musuem™ & Library, which is also supported by the American Breweriana Association. Complete with a museum, library, restaurant and gift shop, this one-of-a-kind museum has a hometown feel, and welcomes all visitors with the same approach. The Great River Road Interpretive Center and Transportation Museum also gives the visitor a chance to see how transportation played a part in the evolution of beer transport from horse drawn wagon and steamboats to railway and delivery trucks.  Questions may be answered by contacting the Potosi Brewing Company at (608) 763-4002 or visiting them at 209 South Main Street in Potosi, WI.